Our qualified sales team and DanBred licensed sales unit DanSau are customers’ guarantee that they will acquire quality animals from Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S – and get the greatest value from them.

The sales team have in-depth knowledge of our production setup, stables and the breeding animals that are supplied. They have all of the competencies required to tailor-make the completely correct solution for the customer and provide the very best advice.

Exceptional selection

The selection of breeding animals at Eskegaard is based on professional know-how.

Our dedicated selection team ensures uniform quality, knows the customer’s requirements and selects on that basis. Our underlying selection standard has been developed though many years of experience in the sale of breeding animals.

Knowledge and consultancy centre

We want to have a close affiliation with our customers. At Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S, we love to share our many years of experience in management, logistics planning and more. Our advanced planning systems are customer-related, which means we can follow developments down to the smallest detail.

We visit customers – and customers visit us.

Customer service

Our sales and customer service provide tailor-made solutions for customers who purchase genetics. Solutions can be viewed as an extra service and in certain cases, an optional choice with our products.

Examples of some of our solutions:

  • Feed advice for breeding animals
  • User-defined blood test screening
  • Long tails
  • Selection in accordance with size
  • Table stable groups
  • Vaccinations
  • Extra ear tags
  • Etc.


Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S provides customers with products from breeding programmes and sperm for living animals – all high quality and thoroughly tested.

Controlled stable environments

All of our stables are ultra-modern, designed for the rearing of breeding animals and have a solid floor. We take care of our animals and allow them to become accustomed to our presence, which ensures calm breeding animals. We take all the necessary precautions against infection from outside.

Safe and secure transport

We also have full control of the transportation of the animals. When moving animals, we use approved SPF vehicles, which ensures the optimal animal welfare and protection against infection. In addition, we operate our own SPF-approved truck, which is drive by our own dedicated driver, who transports the animals in Denmark and Germany. Our driver has many years of experience in SPF transport and has thorough knowledge of the delivery details, customers and their facilities.


To ensure the continued genetic development of the animals, we follow the breeding programme from Danish company DanBred P/S. In this way, quality is integrated into the system. Based on decades of research and development, this programme ensures that pig producers all over the world are provided with the best conditions for operating a strong and competitive business.


DanSau GmbH is located in Germany and is a licensed DanBred agent. Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S supplies the DanBred agent with reared pigs and helps with customer-adapted seasonal planning. Naturally, with the compulsory quarantine periods taken into consideration. Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S owns 50% of DanSau GmbH. To ensure complete transparency in turnover via DanSau, the Eskegaard sales team also partly function as the sales/services team at DanSau.