Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S ensures that the animals reach the agreed destination and at the agreed deadline.

Safe and secure transport

We have full control – including during transportation. We take all of the necessary precautions to prevent infection. When moving animals, we use approved SPF vehicles, which ensures the optimal animal welfare and protection against infection. In addition, all of our employees are trained in pig breeding with high bio-security.

We ensure that our high standards in bio-security extends all the way to the customer’s address. This is why we have our own SPF-approved truck and driver. The vehicle primarily operates in Denmark and Germany and is a great benefit to our customers. Our driver has thorough knowledge of the delivery details, customers and their facilities. An important detail, which ensures our quality extends all the way to the stable.


To ensure a high delivery standard, we use some specially adapted operating systems. This allows for very detailed planning, which benefits both the customer and the driver, because it prevents misunderstandings. Because of our extensive experience in logistics and planning, we like to work with long-term planning. This ensures good solutions to complex tasks.


In order to tailor-make delivery of breeding animals, we use data related to our customers’ receiving facilities and quarantine room. We are specialists in the handling of, among other things, the delivery of the groups the customer receives in batches, so that we can supply pigs that have not been mixed since weaning.

Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S works closely with many other companies and organisations, such as: