At Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S, our seven-stage field crop rotation is specifically designed to produce our own supply of special feed for the herds. In particular, wheat, barely and oat are grown here.

This ensures nutrient-rich feed and good feed structure. And healthier animals without gut problems results in long lifetimes and high yields.


Our high standard of quality and bio-security also applies to our farming and feed production. The specially designed feed storage facilities means that we can manage large amounts of crops, which after a period of quarantine, are transported securely to the stables. Other ingredients are also subject to quarantine periods before they are used in production.

  • Implemented integrated operations via feeding with homemade quality grain
  • Feed storage in our own silo plant for extra high bio-security
  • Grain and straw is taken into use 10 weeks after harvest
  • Soya is always taken directly from ships and then kept in quarantine for three weeks – as with other ingredients
  • Secure intake of ingredients in order to avoid contamination from tyres, shoes, etc.
  • Authorised rodent control by Mortalin
  • Own slurry spreading equipment
  • No outdoor storage of feed

Own machinery and workshop

Our approximately 900 hectares of land is managed by our own machinery. In other words, here too we are an autonomous company. With a high machine capacity we can act in time and ensure the quality of the raw materials. Our own workshop is responsible for ensuring that our machinery has a high uptime and for the ongoing maintenance of our stall equipment. This is carried out in order to have highest possible standards on all sites.

Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S also owns 56 hectares of forest, which is operated as an extensive natural area, for the benefit of nature, game and local residents.